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Authorized Parts Dealer

Miller Avionics is proud to be an Authorized Parts Dealer in addition to our Installation Services.

Trig Avionics

Trig’s ‘Better by Design’ philosophy results in products that are simple to use, truly innovative and provide pilots with features that really matter. We have a strong commitment to helping our customers meet regulatory changes. We have a wide range of EASA and FAA approvals, these are used every day by pilots to get airborne – reducing the cost of compliance.


Certified Autopilot
by Trio Avionics

The Pro Pilot is a two axis autopilot designed for precise navigation and altitude control.  It encompasses all of the performance and safety features of our other systems, and makes them available in a single, panel mounted instrument.  The system includes back-lighted buttons and illuminated faceplate nomenclature as part of a pleasing new industrial design.

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