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T22/TN72 ADS-B Bundle with TA70 Antenna

T22/TN72 ADS-B Bundle with TA70 Antenna

SKU: 02016-00

If you are looking for a complete Mode S and ADS-B Out system, then you need one of our TN72 Bundles.


There are two different TN72 ADS-B Bundles available – choose the one that suits your requirements.


TT22/TN72 ADS-B Bundle – select this if you operate a light-sport, experimental or home built aircraft in North America and you wish to be ADS-B Out equipped to fly in 2020 rule ADS-B airspace. This is a FAR 91.227 compliant solution for these particular aircraft types. The FAA require you to have a Class 1 transponder (the TT22).


This configuration also best suits high performance aircraft and those operating above 15,000 feet.


This kit includes:

  • 1 x TT22 – Mode-S, 1090ES, certified compact transponder (Class 1 required)
  • 1 x TN72 – FAR 91.227 compliant certified GPS position source
  • 1 x TA70 – certified WAAS GPS Antenna


It is possible to purchase items separately – please contact your nearest Approved Trig Dealer to make your aircraft ADS-B Out visible and improve your flight safety.



    ADS-B bundle installation options are versatile and practical. Each of the products within the bundle are lightweight and compact. The transponder hardware back box, and TN72 GPS can be installed away from your panel saving space and easing installation. The TC20 transponder control head includes a built in altitude encoder and can be installed in a 2 1/4″  round mount or in a space saving compact mount.


    If you are already a Trig pilot and flying with a TT21 or TT22 transponder, then adding a TN72 GPS position source and GPS Antenna to your installation will provide ADS-B Out. This makes sense, as you already have half the solution.


    For installations where space is tight, the highly compact puck GPS antenna, the TA50 is ideal. This is an uncertified antenna, it is lightweight and very discreet, the cable is available in 100cm or 300cm lengths. Every product can be purchased individually, but bundles make a one box solution attractive.


    All Trig products ship with a two year warranty, this starts from the date of installation not from the date of purchase.  All software updates are free from Trig Service Centres (excludes shipping costs).

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