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TA17 VHF Com Antenna

TA17 VHF Com Antenna

SKU: 02452-00

The TA17 is a certified VHF Com antenna, designed to provide the best performance with Trig VHF radios. The TA17 is an ‘angled’ model, usually located on the lower fuselage of the aircraft surface. The antennas excellent electrical characteristics and certified design make it well suited to a wide range of GA types (including high performance aircraft up to 350mph and 50,000 feet). A low profile four hole mounting base ensures optimum aerodynamic performance. Make your Trig radio installation complete by adding a TA17.


    • Angled design, ideal for lower surface fuselage fixture.
    • Light weight aerodynamic design – proven with Trig VHF radios
    • Suitable for most GA types, including high performance aircraft (up to 350 mph / 50,000 feet)
    • Certified to FAA TSO C37d and C38d
    • Solid four bolt mounting base
    • Complete with installation kit.

    This product can be ordered now – please be aware that the delivery lead time will be confirmed at the time of ordering.

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